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About Us

What We Are About

We are Dedicated to Bringing Savings to Consumers in the form of Discounts, Promos, Coupons, Specials, Rebates and Other Deals to Consumers who want to Save Money. We are also Dedicated to Supporting Local Businesses and Achieving a Greater Prosperity for the Community by Creating More Opportunity for Local Businesses. We do this by Connecting Customers to Businesses and Promoting Businesses to Potential Customers.

LocalBizSeek is the Only Local Search Engine Business Discount Savings Listing Directory, and we are Dedicated to Providing Savings to Consumers and Promoting Local Busineses in Every Possible Way to Create Greater Prosperity for All.

We believe that if we all would Buy, Shop, Hire, Support and Network Locally, we as a Community, would all Benefit from the Greater Local Economic Growth and Prosperity that will result.

The Story Behind LocalBizSeek.com

LocalBizSeek.com came about as the Vision of a Businessman who could not find enough places to advertise on the internet. He spent lots of money on Google, Yahoo and Bing’s Pay Per Click systems for over 10 years and had tried every other Pay Per Click system out there. But he never could get enough advertising results for an affordable price.

He tried everything and looked for anything. All he found was that the big 3, Google, Yahoo and Bing, were the only Search Engines that worked to bring in any business whatsoever, but it was at a high cost.

He also worked with Facebook and all the others. After spending millions on online advertising he kept wondering where else he could advertise and increase his business. He wanted something better that would be be more affordable and not take so much from his profit margin. But the Problem is that there really aren't that many outlets out there that are worth putting money into.

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Business Development Network / LocalBizSeek

After years of being exasperated at the huge cost of doing business with Google, Yahoo and Bing he decided he would create his own Search Engine that would offer Local Businesses a connection to the local community that would be valuable to their business, reasonable in cost and valuable to the consumer and as a result benefit both ends. At first, he mainly did it to benefit his own business. But then he thought that if he needed this, then there were other businesses out there that also needed the very same thing. Then he realized that the more businesses that would be involved the better it would be for them all.

What he did not know, at that time, was that this LocalBizSeek Search Engine would also bring business from Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines to his and other businesses because the listing on LocalBizSeek would be recognized by the giant Search Engines as higher priority than anything else on the internet. Search Engine directories are always given highest priority. So in effect he was getting more advertising from Google, Yahoo and Bing for no extra cost for every listing on the LocalBizSeek Search Engine. So in just that one benefit, a great value was created for any business that would go on the new Search Engine.

Then he decided to add value for consumers by making LocalBizSeek.com about Discounts, Promos, Coupons, Specials, Rebates and Other Deals. That would be the draw to consumers to come to this new Search Engine. Also, in addition, he added Free Classifieds and Job Listings which in turn benefits by bringing more business to the Advertising Businesses. The idea is to create value for businesses and consumers alike so that there is a benefit for everyone. Of course, it's also an easy way for consumers to find local businesses and businesses to get new customers.

So not only would it include Search Engine Driven Value for Businesses as well as Market Driven Savings Value to Attract Consumers, but also it would include Review Driven Value as well as Social Media Driven Value. He added Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials for all the Businesses Listed and then added Social Media Connections along with a Free Classified Ads, Job Employment Listings and Business Classified Ads. Then, he added a full line of Display Ads for Businesses that want to maximize their Online Business Results Potential by tapping into the traffic that would result from all of these Benefits to the Consumer. Finally, he decided to add what businesses needed the most: SEO. He added 7 Dimensions of Search Engine Optimization that encompassed every area of SEO. By doing this he solved all the problems at every end so that not only would a business get more results from being on another good Search Engine but also they would get greater results from Search Engine Optimization on many different levels.

In this final Product and Service plan, he planned, organized and developed a Powerfully Effective Search Engine Supplying what the Market Demands such as Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials as well as Free Classifieds, Job Employment Listings and Business Classifieds along with Popular Social Media Connectivity and Search Engine Optimization to the Max which in the end covered every possible angle of what is working to drive business effectively to businesses on the internet. What is more is that it would all be at the same place creating Super Value for both Businesses and Consumers alike.

So he decided to make it happen. It took a number of years, a huge investment of time, money and other resources but it was accomplished exactly as planned. Now LocalBizSeek.com is working to contact every single business in the local area so that the value grows exponentially for every business involved. It is said that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". In this case that saying is very true. That is the story about how LocalBizSeek came about.